FIFA conducted the draw for the 2018 World Cup on Friday in Moscow.

The 32 qualified teams, allocated in four pots based on their October FIFA ranking, were drawn into eight groups of four teams each. Hosts Russia were automatically the top seed in Group A despite being the lowest-ranked team.

There could be no more than two teams from Europe in any one pot, and no more than one nation from any other continental confederation.

Group stage

After playing each team in their group, the top two teams advance to the knockout stage. Teams listed in order they were drawn, with their October FIFA ranking.

GROUP A: Russia (65), Uruguay (17), Egypt (30), Saudi Arabia (63)
GROUP B: Portugal (3), Spain (8), Iran (34), Morocco (48)
GROUP C:France (7), Peru (10), Denmark (19), Australia (43)
GROUP D: Argentina (4), Croatia (18), Iceland (21), Nigeria (41)
GROUP E: Brazil (2), Switzerland (11), Costa Rica (22), Serbia (38)
GROUP F: Germany (1), Mexico (16), Sweden (25), South Korea (62)
GROUP G: Belgium (5), England (12), Tunisia (28), Panama (49)
GROUP H: Poland (6), Colombia (13), Senegal (32), Japan (44)

Knockout stage

The 16 remaining teams will form a single-elimination bracket. Here are the group matchups:

Match 49: Winner Group A vs. Runner-up Group B
Match 50: Winner Group C vs. Runner-up Group D
Match 51: Winner Group E vs. Runner-up Group F
Match 52: Winner Group G vs. Runner-up Group H
Match 53: Winner Group B vs. Runner-up Group A
Match 54: Winner Group D vs. Runner-up Group C
Match 55: Winner Group F vs. Runner-up Group E
Match 56: Winner Group H vs. Runner-up Group G

Match 57: Winner of Match 49 (A/B) vs. Winner of Match 50 (C/D)
Match 58: Winner of Match 51 (E/F) vs. Winner of Match 52 (G/H)
Match 59: Winner of Match 53 (B/A) vs. Winner of Match 54 (D/C)
Match 60: Winner of Match 55 (F/E) vs. Winner of Match 56 (H/G)

Match 61: Winner of Match 57 vs. Winner of Match 58
Match 62: Winner of Match 59 vs. Winner of Match 60

Third-place game
Loser of Match 61 vs. Loser of Match 62

Winner of Match 61 vs. Winner of Match 62